Bitcoin and Betting – The Future of Online Technology

Bitcoin is the online cryptocurrency that is changing the way we think about money. Since it was introduced in six years ago in January of 2009, Bitcoin has exploded, gaining a massive following. Today, you can do just about anything with Bitcoin; from buying a coke, to investing in the foreign exchange. Sports betting websites such as understands that the future lies with Bitcoin, so they have made it incredibly easy and convenient to use Bitcoin when you want to bet on your favourite sports. 

What you need to know upfront about Bitcoin Sports Betting:

Not all sports betting websites allow users to use bitcoin at the moment. It is still one of the very few that allow users to use bitcoins. What’s more, they offer a 100% bonus for your first deposit.

A quick look at a typical Bitcoin Spportsbook shows that they have a wide variety of sports on offer to place bets on. Some of the most popular areas of the site are:
-football betting
-tennis betting
-basketball betting
-English Premier League betting
-UEFA Champions league betting
-NFL betting
-NBA betting

If none of those options sound like what you are looking for, then there are plenty more on offer.


How to participate in bitcoin sports betting:

Let’s assume that you’re entirely new to the world of bitcoin. Here’s a comprehensive guide to how to go from no bitcoins, to bitcoin sports betting professional. It’s faster and easier than you probably think.

Step one: Firstly, you’re going to need a Bitcoin wallet. Just like a real wallet, this is where you will keep your bitcoins. It has a unique code, so that only you can access it. There are more than a dozen options for who to register your bitcoin wallet with. Websites like mSIGNA, KnC Wallet, and Breadwallet are available, as well as many more. has a comprehensive list of wallet providers. Choose the one you like best and we’ll move on.

Step two: Now that you have a brand new bitcoin wallet, you’re going to need to fill it with some bitcoins before it will be of any use to you. There are several ways to do this. You can earn them for goods and services, like real money. Or you could try asking for for some from your incredibly computer savvy friend who happens to be rolling in bitcoins. Most likely though, you will end up purchasing them with traditional money. There are many websites nowadays that offer this service. It’s just like converting between currencies when you go overseas. Except bitcoin can be used anywhere in the world that has internet access.

Step three: Now that you have some shiny new bitcoins in your wallet, it’s time to start putting them to work for you. Drive your web browser over to or any other bitcoin sports betting website, create an account, and you’ll be betting before you know it!

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Career With An Art Degree

bachelors_13414978-655x280Arts graduates often face obstacles in their career life.There are many myths about it’s future..But does these myths have any actual evidence to support it?Let’s have a look at the fact of the myths and the facts of the actual truth.

1.Myth:Art degree isn’t good to get a well paying job.You need to go to engineering,science or law school for a bright career.

1.Fact: A salary survey conducted in 2006 by shows that average salary for bachelor of arts degree graduates in United States range from $32,000 to $55,000 per year.

2.Myth: Arts degree gets you a job of flipping burgers.

2.Fact: A recent survey conducted by a well-known survey company makes it clear that arts graduates are mostly employed in a managerial or professional capacity (50 – 81%). Comparing this with  Commerce (60%) graduates and technical or vocational graduates from technical institutes(24 – 35%).

So based on this surveys it has now given us the evidence to bust the myths about arts degrees.Arts graduates are in demand and they can earn as just as much as science or law graduates.
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Importance Of Craft Fairs For Boosting Your Airbrush Art Business

bc5837b3e9e287c1_airbrush1.xlargeAirbrush art form,one of the most popular medium of an artist’s expression and also one of the best among the profitsome. Usually we think that an artist is someone who uses a pencil,pen or a paintbrush to make portraits.But he can also be someone who is a  master with airbrush art as well. Airbrush effect is created using a a spraying device on a surface.The flow of colors is controlled by the artist depending on the distance  from the surface and how much pressure he is applying.

Airbrush  exhibitions are held every year in the midst of a holiday or  upcoming newseason. Most of the times craft fairs are held at  state fairs ,shopping malls, or along parade routes. Airbrush arts are even featured online as  well.In an online art gallery, visitors have the option to view various sizes and prespective of the paintings. Todays online world has paved a way for airbrush artists to show their works on a website.Also they have the chance to get hired for freelance projects.Many companies constantly search for custom logo and graphics solutions and they consider airbrush for them as well.Along with this,newspaper and magazine publishers regularly publish airbrush art and they seek for talented artists capable for quality material.

Airbrush arts are mostly seen on license plates,t-shirts and other objects. But, it is also used on oil paintings,canvas and acrylic.Day by day it’s getting as a well known sector of art over the world.

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